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This installation, part of the “Hijack Creation” series, hijacks a broken gra-

ve stone  found in the french country side.


Playing at the border between sacred & profane this installation turns a Christian symbol into an infinite water system. The cross is fixed upside down (controversal symbol : Anti-Christ imagery or St Peter’s cross) to a steel plate, 1,20m high from the floor. A glass container is suspended at a third of this height of the sculpture with an aquarium pump system connected to the back of the cross.


The water is pumped up from the vase  up to the cross, dripping into the Christ’s body  and through his skull. The water drips on the plate which is drilled in its middle allowing the liquid to go back into the glass container. This installation works in two steps : first the installation is activated with water, which rusts the steel plate ; whereas in the second step the water is replaced with chlorhydric acid - once activated again,  the installation  cleans the rust  with the acid, giving a yellow teint to the water.


This installation with a double interpretation opens a discussion around the vision of religion/religious objects in today’s society.  


Installation - 40 x 40 x 175cm - broken grave stone,

pump water system, glass vase

Video Concept : Edouard Burgeat

Filmed & Edited by Edouard Burgeat

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