Jusqu'ici tout va bien  
Steel structure, letter, envelop & different material casted in resin, light - 2019

Project with the Goethe Institut (Paris & Ljubljana) - ' Frei Raum '


‘So far so good’ is an installation collecting fragments of letters from the artist’s grandfather, sent from the war front between 1939 and 1940.

A momentum of life / survival and the overwhelming fragility of a youth at war before everything collapses. Offering a new reading of History through this family correspondance. 


This wall installation pretends to follow the trends of the reminicense of restriction in the XXIc, as an experience of what is physical restriction but it is actually an open page of History.

The letters exhibited are originals , some of which when he was held captive by the Nazis. An installation for reminder of how our taken-for-granted freedom was won.