2015 - ongoing - various size, objects & technics

This body of work focuses on one specific object, every day object from the past century, post-numeric object made useless/”has-been” by the digital age. 


By challenging the object’s symbolic, where it has been found and what it refers to, these installations can create a new narrative.


“A stool romance” (1) is a fusion of a traditional  Morrocan stool (wood, re-used tires) and its modern replica (glass, aluminium) - creating a new object which exists through this combination of mate-rials and time, beyond its original function;

“Un phare dans la nuit” is an installation using the headlight of a stranded Syrian boat found in Greece and Burgeat’s drawing of it, years after the accident. 

“A night in Ldn” is composed of re-used canisters which have seen their context & purpose completely change through time; originally from the kitchen to today’s parties and festivals.


(4) “Strange machine gun” transforms a mechanical component of an old agricol machine now useless & abandoned into the component of an abstract weapon.


Using these found objects as materials, but charged with meaning & history accumulated over the years, is an act of re-interpretation allowing to draw a discussion between times.  

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